Saturday, August 2, 2008

all the way from Texas...

I had a great day today because my Pop & Mamie flew all the way from Texas to see me!

They haven't seen me since I moved out to Virginia, so I'm having fun showing off all of my tricks!

Pop did his best to feed me, but I was in a funk because I had just skipped a nap & I'm still teething...

But that's okay. We're gonna have a fun next few days! I love you guys.
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  1. Aren't grandparents great! I LOVE watching my mom with Vincent. It warms my heart.

  2. I wish we were there! -- Michael

  3. About the is all the camera. I have a Canon Digital Rebel EOS and I love it. I usually use the portrait setting. I did take a photography class in college that helped and I think some places offer seminars for free. I enjoy changing the images to B/W or Sepia in Photoshop too. You have a good eye so you are going to have a blast with the new camera!

  4. Great pictures -- tell your mom and dad too. So glad your Texas grandparents are getting to spend some time with you! :)