Tuesday, August 19, 2008

chef in training...

Look what Mommy & Daddy got for free today on our local freecycle website! A little kitchen just for me, (& 2 of my favorite dolls) complete with microwave, sink, stove burners, etc. When I get a little older, I'm going to be a gourmet chef!

But it's tough being a chef in training. First, I have to learn how to stand up! (wow! I'm balancing myself!)

Second, I need to grow. Thankfully, our friends Justin & Caroline sent us the HUGEST box full of my formula!!! (Mommy & Daddy were thrilled, even though you can see I wasn't...)

And pretty soon Chef Caroline will be making her own green beans!
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  1. Ames - we LOVE freecycle...we got E's very brand new looking Step2 play kitchen off of it, as well as a million other things -- greeting cards, craft items, landscaping pavers, clothes (for all of us) Christian fiction books and soooo much more!

  2. Amy- Tell Justin and Caroline "hi" from the DiPiero's.

  3. The little kitchen will be fun! Next we need to get her some play food and dishes. My boys still use ours, but if you can hold off for another year you can have it! All tht formula will be great! That was really nice of them! So cool to see her standing...and eating green beans! Miss you all.