Monday, August 4, 2008

Ty & Trev...

My cousins from Chicago are here! Cousin Ty (almost 4 yrs. old) LOVES to hug me & hold me!

And me & my cousin Trevor (almost 7 yrs. old) love to be couch potatoes together! :)

Auntie (Jill, Amy's sister) hasn't seen me since my first week of life-- she can't believe I've gotten so big!

And it was my first time to meet Ty (still can't keep his hands off of hugging me), Trev, and uncle Adam! I'm so glad they're here! We're having a blast.
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  1. Wow, what a special time! The pictures of the Schutz boys with Caroline are absolutely priceless. Again, we really wish we could be part of the fun! (Strange/funny to think that this would be possible if our society would have chosen a different primary energy source!) We can't wait until Thanksgiving. -- Michael