Thursday, August 21, 2008

bed & breakfast...

Hey, is anybody out there? :) Just kidding! You know, it's getting harder these days for Mommy to take pictures of me because I'm constantly grabbing for the camera!

My aunt loves me. Auntie Jill, I miss you.

Yesterday, I played with Trev & Ty's cars & trucks for the first time. I really liked it when Mommy made the truck zoom across the floor. (I was also practicing sitting up!)

And Mommy finally got the guest room finished, so the Corbett Bed & Breakfast is officially open for reservations! :)
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  1. your guest room looks like it has plenty of light streaming from the window!!! take pics in there!!


  2. You waited to hang things on the wall till after I left because you thought I would break things... I know.

    I can't believe she can sit up that well! I'm so proud!

  3. Yeah! It looks good! Now don't you think those pics look good on each side of the window?! Hee!

  4. Your new room looks really nice. We certainly enjoyed our night in there.

  5. Everything looks beautiful. You do a great job decorating, Amy. You have such great ideas.
    We had fun.


    Nanny & Papa