Thursday, August 28, 2008

cause & effect...

Hey everybody!

I hit another milestone! I just figured out that when I kick these hangy-down things on my toy, the music starts playing! Then when it gets quiet, I have to kick it to get it to start up again! Cause & effect, baby.... it's a VERY important lesson in life. :)

How cute is my bunny towel!?!

And in a screaming competition, who do YOU think can shrill louder?
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  1. I think Caroline can shrill louder....I also love her bunny bathrobe

  2. What a smart girl!

    Yelling competition, really? What a great example you are mommy. :)

  3. As far as the screaming competition goes, I've got to be honest -- I can't imagine anyone being able to "out-shrill" you, Amy (and I mean that as a compliment, albeit an unconventional one!).

    Caroline, don't believe in cause in effect. My dissertation methodologist would point out (in a German accent, for added effect) that: "correlation doesn't equal causation." So, you kicking that thing 99.99% of the time may give you the illusion that you're causing it, but, in a hyper-David Hume sort of sense, you can never really prove that you've caused it!

    OK, I'm starting to feel guilty for doing my bitter rants on a baby-related blog. ("Way to desecrate it, dude!") :-)



  4. I remember from my pediatrics class in school that they always have babies try veggies first, because the fruits taste so good that after that they never like the veggies... and who could blame them? ;)