Friday, August 15, 2008

top ten...

Here are the top ten reasons why I love Alyssa & I'm gonna miss her when she leaves tomorrow!

10. She stayed with me & let Mommy & Daddy go out to meet new friends for dessert.
9. She changed SEVERAL poopy diapers.
8. She gave me my bottles & even fed me my oatmeal & squash.

7. She let me eat her forehead & pull her hair AT THE SAME TIME!
6. She got up early with me one morning so Mommy & Daddy could sleep in.
5. She cracked me up and made me laugh so hard.

4. She let me spit up on her. Lots of times.
3. She put me to bed one night so that Mommy & Daddy could go to dinner together!
2. She was such a great helper to Mommy with cooking.

And the number 1 reason I love Alyssa is...

1. She gave me my 1st RUF t-shirt ever! Yay!
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