Monday, August 11, 2008

gotcha day...

Before my adoption becomes completely finalized, I have to have a couple of post-placement visits with a social worker. I had my first one when I was one month old, and this one was my last visit (after 5 months old). Then we are allowed to finalize anytime after 6 months.

So, of course, I had to get all dolled-up for the visit...

Then we went to visit with the social worker for about an hour & Mommy & Daddy had to answer LOTS of questions about how I'm doing: how I'm eating, sleeping, adjusting to our family, etc. Basically, it gave them a chance to brag about what a great baby I am. They liked me alot! So after this paperwork gets filled out, all we'll have to do is take a trip this fall to Lubbock where we'll have a court date to finalize everything & make it official! (right now the adoption agency is my official "guardian," so finalizing just means that they transfer that permanent legal guardianship to Mommy & Daddy) So now we're in the final stretch of all the official paperwork. That court day will forever be called "Gotcha Day" in our family, and we'll celebrate it each year like it's another birthday!

I can't wait for Gotcha Day in the future because Daddy is promising to take me out for ice cream. :)
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  1. It looks like you and your new toy are getting along very well. Nice shots!

  2. i cant believe i havnt checked the blog since the end of may. caroline is so big now! i will visit you guys sometime in the next year (hopefully).

  3. Our friends, the Chambers, celebrated the 1 year anniversary of E's first Gotcha Day with a big party - no presents, just cake, ice cream, and fun with was so cool! Now, they're adopting another 5 mo. old little one, too, and Brit it due next week with a baby! I'm sure they won't do Gotcha parties each year, but it's definitely a fun, neat family day to celebrate!

  4. wow, your camera is awesome! the last one on this page really shows it off!