Thursday, August 7, 2008

bye bye family...

Auntie Jill, even though you left just this morning, me & Mommy already miss you like crazy!

Daddy's gonna miss the fun he had with Uncle Adam & the boys, too...

Couldn't resist posting this one... I love my family.

Oh, and as soon as all of you left today & Daddy had out-of-town meetings in Charlottesville, I had some wierd problem with my eye & had to run over to the doctor to make sure everything was okay! (pictured here) They think I might have scratched my eyeball with my fingernail, because (of course) I was all better by the time I actually GOT to the doctor's office. :) But hey-- better to be safe than sorry, right? Plus it gave me a chance to get weighed again-- 19 pounds! AND I got a chance for everyone at the office to tell me how adorable I am... that's worth Mommy's co-pay, isn't it?
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  1. Your family is so silly, I love it! ... Don't you love those weird dr visits? We had one a few weeks ago...E had a high fever and no other symptoms, but by the time we got to the dr's office, she was fine. Love it. She just had a virus, nothing major...keep her comfortable with fluid and motrin! Crazy!

  2. OK, Caroline isn't allowed to encroach upon my medical status! I don't put up with an infection of the tear duct for ten days for a mere baby to steal my thunder and come up with a similar diagnosis! My infant niece can't already start ripping me off in this domain! :-) -- Michael