Thursday, August 21, 2008

first RUF...

Tonight was the moment we had been waiting for... our first official RUF here in Lynchburg... ever. We were nervous & excited at the same time!

I (Amy) just so happened to be walking through the parking lot of the Wingate Hotel (where we meet, which is across the street from Liberty's campus) when the first students were walking in! (Lindsay, on the right, is a fan of the blog & a freshman at Liberty, so it worked out perfect for me to scream, "Hey girls! Let me take a picture of the first two students EVER coming to Lynchburg RUF!" without it being totally awkward!) :) And then more and more students kept coming... we had somewhere around 55 students come tonight! We didn't have enough chairs set up! It was packed! Praise God! Marc did a great job preaching, too.

Our music team. (didn't snap any pictures during the meeting- would've been too distracting) But the front desk woman at the hotel, Linda, told us afterward that "Your music was so beautiful. I came over and stood by the door so I could hear you all. You all touched my heart and were an inspiration to me. Your group sounded like hummingbirds!" She said she has to work on Sundays & it's been awhile since she's been able to go to church, but she felt like she went to church tonight. What a beautiful thing! She said that the students were thanking them for hosting our group as they left the hotel.

Okay, and since you took the time to read through all of that, we'll reward you with a funny picture of our daughter...
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  1. Just incredible!

    And that picture is one for the album, for sure... so cute!

  2. I cannot tellyou how excited I am that things went so well!! WAHOO!!