Thursday, April 3, 2008

and the answer is...

I've just started to develop a classic case of the colic! Lots of babies like me get really fussy & cry really hard for several hours a day, and my tummy just hurts, hurts, hurts! It's like I'm a Jekyl & Hyde, because I'm super sweet and wonderful for almost all of the day, but boy, when my tummy starts up in the afternoon or early evening, sometimes there is just NOTHING Mommy or anyone can do to take it away from me... fortunately, I'm still sleeping well in my 3-hour shifts at night!

But the nurse told Mommy this morning that since I started it later than most babies (most babies start at 2-3 weeks, and I'm starting at 6), then I probably won't have it for quite as long. (I think "they" say it typically diminishes around 3-4 months old...we'll see...) But until then, I'll probably just pick a time of the day to let it all out, and hopefully Mommy & Daddy can survive through it. :)

Here I am sucking my hand when my "paci" isn't around...

When Mommy does finally calm me down, I'm so sweet. I put my arms around her & nestle my head in her stomach and just sleep peacefully. It makes up for the rough times. She loves it. And so do I.
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