Tuesday, April 29, 2008

we're packed!

(the pictures are oldies from last week since we're in the middle of moving, but I promise new ones soon!)

Hey everybody! I (Amy) am sitting on the floor in my empty house writing this blog entry! The big truck is officially packed & taking off late tonight, thanks to many of our RUF students who have been so WONDERFUL to us. We are working on all the little nitty-gritty stuff like cleaning, patching holes & paint touch-ups, etc. So tomorrow, Marc will take off towards Virginia in our car, and then Caroline & I are flying there on Thursday! Hopefully the big truck will arrive this weekend sometime. Crazy times!

Guess who slept for 6 hours straight for the first time last night?!? woo-hoo! (I think all of those shots might have made her a little more sleepy than normal...) It's such a good thing that new babies are pretty flexible because the next several days are going to be a little crazy! (can you tell we might have a thumb-sucker on our hands soon?)
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  1. Amy, I just read your synopsis of the particularization/baptism service and BAWLED! I miss y'all so much! I am so thrilled for you!!!!