Thursday, May 1, 2008

last day in lubbock... (pt. 1)

Hi everybody! For my last day in Lubbock, Mommy & I stayed with Mommy's friend Anne, (while Daddy drove our car out to Virginia) and since there was no bassinet or crib for me, guess what Mr. Griffith came up for me to sleep in?!?

A laundry basket! Complete with lots of cushioning and blankets! I slept great in it.

That afternoon Mommy & I dropped by our house, and it was so wierd to see it empty! (although we are keeping it & some of our RUF gals are renting it next year) A few RUF students came by to help us finish cleaning up, and look at the CUTE Texas Tech outfit they got me for my going-away gift!! (even though I am crying in this picture, I actually REALLY liked it, guys...) Mommy absolutely loved it & cried when she saw it.

And it's complete with a double T on the butt! ha!

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