Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the fashion show has arrived...

Look at me! I'm standing! And I'm just starting to fit into my 6 month clothes, so get ready for an upcoming fashion show over the next few months... (especially when it warms up a little bit) Everybody seemed to get me 6 month clothes, so I've got a closet-full that I'll have to start showing off! This little diddy is from my Auntie! (aka Jill)

Me & Mommy on our front porch...

Dancing to music to Daddy in our living room while we waited on our company to arrive...

Last night we had 3 couples over to our place. We had fun sitting out on our back porch & hanging out & eating! (sorry this is just a pic of the porch & not the people... unless they were our imaginary friends... ha!) Anyways, all of the couples go to our church, are grads of Liberty & are a few years younger than us. It was great to host folks and get to meet some new friends!
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  1. I didn't see any boxes in those pictures! Wish I could say that!!!