Monday, May 12, 2008

first mother's day...

Before we headed to church, Daddy snapped a few pictures of his girls. Mommy told me how special I am, how much I'm loved, and how happy I have made her.

Since Daddy had to fly out to Florida this week for our RUF students' summer conference, Mommy came up with her own Mother's Day idea... before we moved, our pastor's wife in Lubbock, Emily, took this AMAZING picture & had it enlarged for us as a going away present, so Mommy decided to go have it matted & framed. Here's how it looks on the mantle:

Oh, and since I couldn't get Mommy any gift for Mother's Day this year, I decided I'd be a perfect angel for her. (Mamie, you'll be happy to know...)
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  1. Ames, you just look so HAPPY in these photos. I am so happy for you!!!!

  2. How was church? I need your email address!! Jonathan and I prayed for you guys as we drove to Pete and Barbara's church.