Friday, May 23, 2008

a scary day...

Can you see those black marks on the highway? Yesterday, we hopped in our truck to go surprise Marc's family in South Carolina (& pick up some furniture-type stuff they got for our house). Well, about halfway through the trip, we were cruising at 65mph down the highway when we suddenly lost control of the truck and started spinning from the right lane. It was like everything happened in slow motion. In the middle of the spinning, we were completely turned backward so we could see all the other cars around us slamming on brakes and trying to avoid a head-on collision. We ended up doing a 360 (we were both screaming through this whole thing, of course...) until the truck finally stopped in the middle of the grassy median you see here.

Turns out our back tire blew out. We were terrified & rattled as our life flashed before our eyes, but of course, the only thing we were thinking of was our precious 3 month-old daughter in the backseat. But guess what...

She slept through the ENTIRE thing. No cries, totally peaceful and unaware of anything that was happening. When the truck stopped, Marc immediately cried and said, "Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!" None of us were hurt at all. (praise the Lord!) As Marc got out of the car & started calling AAA, etc, I got in the backseat & gave Caroline her bottle. As soon as she finished it, she decided to go right back to sleep. :) Fortunately, the emergency services in North Carolina came right away and were SO helpful and supportive. They changed the tire out for us and we turned around and headed back toward Virginia.

On the way back, we stopped at the nearest Sam's Club & bought 4 brand new tires. (no messing around...) Caroline was just waking up from her nap here in this picture, but she was a perfect angel while her Mommy & Daddy went through a scary time. (I guess we could all learn a lesson from Caroline about resting peacefully in our Father's arms in the midst of crisis...) We all made it home safely last night and are so thankful that God spared our lives...
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  1. Thank you Jesus is right! Praise the Lord. We are so glad there were no injuries and Caroline did no get scared. I guess those car seats really do keep them safe.

  2. Good grief! Praise God for His goodness!

  3. Oh dear! I am SO glad you guys are ok! Love you and I am sorry you had such a scare


  4. Yikes! Super scary! Praise the Lord for preserving you. He has a purpose!

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm SOOOO thankful you all are not hurt.

  6. Ok, I am not a fan of this blog. I like the happier blogs where I can see Caroline looking at ceilings or wearing bows the size of her head.

    Thank the Lord you're all safe!