Monday, May 12, 2008

big girl bed!

I know it may be hard for you to take me seriously in my new towel that Dr. Marion gave me before we left Lubbock, but guess where I'm sleeping now?!?

Yep, Mommy & Daddy got my room unpacked enough for me to move into my own room! Do you see the Moses basket sitting on the bench? That's where I used to sleep until now! (and now it's a bed for my stuffed animals & dolls...) There's still more fun stuff to do to my room, but I just thought you guys might like to see it coming together!

Oh, and meet my friend, Mr. Bear...

My favorite toy right now... watching the lights flash and listening to the music... (not bad for $2 at the thrift store WITH the batteries already in it, huh?!?)
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  1. Ya know, after you guys left I wondered if she was still sleeping in the moses basket...being in her own room and bed might help with the sleeping...let me know!!