Sunday, May 18, 2008

3 months old!

Today marks my 3-month-old birthday! Can you believe it?

Sunday's are tougher for babies like me because they're a different schedule than the rest of the week! Fortunately, our new church here has a "crying room," (even though they're without a building yet & meet in a gym!) where mothers can take their babies and still hear the service! (they put a little amplifier in the room, which is just off the back of the gym) So I spent today in the crying room, but not because I was crying! I wanted to lay on the table and go CRAZY kicking & cooing & smiling at Mommy, not be all cramped up in my carseat! Mommy & Daddy met alot of new people at church today, which was good. But Mommy started crying during one of the songs(SHE needed to go to the crying room! ha!) because she missed our church family in Lubbock who used to sing that song alot... :(

Oh, and here's my favorite thing to do nowadays-- straighten my legs & STAND!

We're still settling into our house, which we love, and hopefully we'll get internet soon. Life is pretty crazy right now- exciting, yet difficult & a little lonely at times. (which is all to be expected...) Please continue to pray for our transition to this new place & we'll keep you updated!
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