Tuesday, May 6, 2008

roughin' it...

Can you believe our moving truck STILL hasn't come yet?! It's supposed to come tomorrow (Wed.), but Mommy & Daddy are officially "roughing it" in our empty house. They've handled it pretty good until last night I heard Mommy crying to Daddy in the middle of the night (they thought I was sleeping-- ha ha...) & she was telling him she was ready to "go back home." :) I guess it's a little hard living without anything in your house except cots to sleep on with no internet (not to mention Daddy's cell phone died) OR even a phonebook.

But we're making it! They are using the extra time to get more things done around the house that weren't going to originally get done, so that's good.

And thankfully for me, I've got my Papa & Nanny here to entertain me endlessly while they help around our house! I'm loving it!

So pray that our truck comes soon & that they can get back to some sense of normalcy. While Mommy & Daddy are taking care of everything, I think I'll take a snooze with Papa...
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