Tuesday, May 20, 2008

bigger bottles...

Well, lately after Mommy's been feeding me, I haven't been satisfied with my usual 4 oz. So, it was time to graduate to the BIG 8 oz. bottles! They are HUGE (twice as large) & bigger than my whole head!! Daddy calls them the super Big Gulp bottles! Here's a pic of my first feeding with one! (loved it, by the way...)

So then yesterday I stepped up to eating at least 5 oz. at each feeding (& 6 oz. before bed)... and guess what?!?

Last night I slept from 9:15pm- 7:15am straight!!! That's 10 HOURS- can you believe it?! I woke up so happy this morning & pretty proud of myself, I must say...

So now I'm getting a few extra ounces during the daytime so that I can make it longer at night-time like a big baby! Yea for my bigger botttles!!
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  1. Mark and Amy-
    I am a little obsessed with the caroline blog...Robert is a little worried about it, but I figure that I can just check in on your baby instead of having one myself...and save us some money during seminary. Caroline is so cute!

    Charissa Stowers

  2. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Mommy and Daddy are more than excited!!! (Are you guys doing cartwheels or what?!?!) :-P

  3. She's so cute... I have two sons that want to meet her... in about 18 years!!!