Thursday, May 1, 2008

lubbock, texas, in my rearview mirror...

There's an old country song titled "Happiness is Lubbock, Texas, in my Rearview Mirror"-- have you heard it? Well, after leaving Lubbock today for good, Mommy & I agree that it's just not true. It was very tough to leave today. It doesn't even feel totally real yet. Here's a pic after Mommy & I went through security at the airport this morning. (complete with a big pink bow that is the size of my head!)

And on both flights, I was a perfect angel! I ate as the plane was taking off, and then I slept the entire rest of both flights with absolutely no crying! One man asked Mommy, "So is she as perfect at home as she was on this flight?" And Mommy said, "Believe it or not, yes!" :) On the long flight from Dallas to Raleigh, they even let me take my car seat onto the plane to sleep in because there was an empty seat next to Mommy! Mommy couldn't believe how sweet total strangers were to us today-- they offered to help us so many times in various ways & went out of their way to help. Our traveling couldn't have gone any smoother! whew! Thank you, God!

So when Mommy & I got to the airport, Aunt Sharon & cousin Lala were there to drive us to Lynchburg! On the way home, we stopped & Aunt Sharon had lots of kisses waiting for me! (look how I LOVE to try to straighten my legs and stand up straight now!)

Here's my big baby kiss for you, Aunt Sharon! I'm a Virginia baby now!
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  1. She will always be a Texas girl. You can take the baby out of Texas but you'll never take Texas out of that sweet bqby.

  2. Do you think if I start wearing bows that big on my head they'll come in style?
    Because, seriously, I'd rock that.