Monday, May 26, 2008

a blurry memorial day...

Happy Memorial Day! Sorry these pictures are a bit blurry... Mommy's camera had to be sent off to be repaired, (under warranty) so the only "camera" we've got to take pictures for the next week or so is Daddy's cell phone. :( But it was important that everyone get to see my "All American Baby" jumper outfit! (another hand-me-down from Lori!)

Mommy & Nanny were trying to take pictures of me when I was really ready for a nap... (this was the least blurry one from that bunch)

so I eventually got fed up with it & let them have it with my crying! (and they finally listened to what I was telling them...) But it was still a great day! We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on Daddy's grill & had a yummy meal! (well, my meal was milk... but theirs still smelled good!)

And after Granny & Papa left, I had a lazy afternoon with Mommy... (but isn't my little shirt from Auntie SO cute? I'm sporting my patriotic red, white, & blue!)
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