Thursday, May 29, 2008

symphony of shrills...

I am growing and changing by the minute! Here's a quick synopsis:

- Every morning at 6:30am (5:30am for you Central time folks in Texas...) I begin my symphony of shrills! I find the highest pitch noise I can make & then my shrill drops down lower & comes back up again! It is so fun to listen to myself experiment with my voice in the mornings! Mommy & Daddy now have a singing alarm clock, and even though they'd rather sleep a bit longer, they wake up by laughing at some of the funny noises I make...

- ALL I want to do during my wake times is MOVE! (and sometimes this makes eating my "breakfast" difficult because I wake up FULL of energy!) I want to "stand," lay on my back and practice rolling over, kick my legs, turn my head, dance or walk around the house with Mommy or Daddy, go on a walk, etc. Right now I am no longer interested in sitting still and reading a book... I want to get up and GO!

- Not only did I get bigger bottles, but I got bigger diapers! (which sorta leads to that conclusion, doesn't it?) :) I'm in size 2 diapers!

-I weighed 15 lbs & 4 oz the other day!

- Now I like to touch soft things & touch a toy if it's laying near me. I won't completely reach out just yet, but I'm getting there...

- When I'm laying on my back & trying to roll over, I can go about 90% of the way, (haven't figured what to do with the arm under my body) but then I get all twisted up and frustrated at myself , so I cry for Mommy to come and un-tangle me! (and after she does, I immediately go and do the same thing again... secretly, I love it, but don't tell her...)

- I'm figuring out fun things to do with my little hands, like pulling Mommy's hair and pushing my bottle away from my mouth. It's also sweet to feel around on Mommy & Daddy's hands when they're feeding me, or touch their necks when they're holding me...

Okay, enough sitting around chatting... I gotta GO, GO, GO!!!
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