Thursday, May 15, 2008

all through the night!

How do you like my super-cute bath robe & slippers that Aunt Sharon gave me? Don't I look wistful here? :)

Well, I've suddenly taken up the bad habit of gnawing on my hands when my "paci" isn't around & it's caused the skin on my thumbs & index finger to get really red & cracked! After my bath last night, Mommy put some ointment on those places and then she decided that I needed to wear my little mitts (aka "turtle paddles"). Well, I couldn't have disagreed more! I had a MAJOR meltdown about that! I started putting those mitts in my mouth FEROCIOUSLY, but it wasn't giving me the same pleasure and boy, I did NOT like it! I cried harder than I had cried since my little colic-y spell when I was 5 weeks old! Mommy tried to comfort me, but to no avail.

And after a few minutes, I was OUT. Asleep in mid-crying... :)

The GOOD news is that I must have really worn myself out, because after Mommy fed me, I slept from 8:00pm- 4:30am straight!! (this is actually a picture from a daytime nap, but Mommy needed a sleeping picture to illustrate.... he he... oh, and I start out sleeping close to the corner because it makes me feel like I'm back in my little Moses basket, but now I mysteriously end up perpendicular with my head & arms in the center of the crib?!) Don't they say that when babies sleep at least 8 hours, it's considered sleeping all through the night? If so, I guess you'd say it was my first time! Yea! Mommy was SO excited for me and hopes it's not the last... :)
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  1. E slept in the corner of the crib that direction until she was too tall to do so. In fact, she still squooshes herself into the corners of the bed! So cute!

  2. YAY!!! Way to go Caroline!!! I bet Mommy woke up every 3 hours wondering if you were OK!! ;-)

  3. Kate's thumb is cracked as of yesterday from sucking on it...guess I'll have to put one mit on that hand and force her to suck the other thumb until the one that's cracked is healed...