Friday, May 9, 2008

greetings from the commonwealth...

Hello from Arby's today! This is pretty much a daily activity for me-- Mommy & Daddy take me to a restaurant that has internet access when it's my naptime, so I sit on top of the table & sleep while they get some work done!

We here at always strive to be 100% real & genuine, and in order to truly bring you into our world, we are obligated to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, since some of you have asked to see pics of the inside of our house, this should give you an idea of the state of things around our place...

Mommy & Daddy's favorite part of the house is the screened-in porch just off the dining room. After I go to bed at night, they love to sit out there, talk, and listen to the breeze go through the trees...

Even though things are a little out-of-order around our house, I'm still doing great! And over the last few days, I've decided to sleep a little more than normal during the day to give Mommy & Daddy some extra time to unpack! I've gotta go easy on these guys sometimes, you know...
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  1. The boxes and state of disarray looks so familiar!! I feel your pain!

    It was SOOOOOOOO good to see you guys today!!

  2. It's SO WEIRD to see that familiar furniture and rug in some strange house so far away...

    But the house is beautiful from what I can see!

    Love y'all.

  3. The house looks SO gorgeous! That porch is an amazing amenity! :-)