Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Since Mommy doesn't have any new pics to post right now, she found a few from the past several days that she can share:

After Daddy got home from Summer Conference on Saturday, I took a nap with him...

Look what Mommy found me doing while she was cooking dinner that evening! I was working on rolling over (as you can see from my right leg being turned...) AND reaching out to feel the soft, stuffed elephant just out of my reach! (for those of you without kids yet, that may sound a little ridiculous to mention, but it's actually a milestone in my development!) I am starting to enjoy touching different textures of things that Mommy places in my hands.

Another pic of me & Mommy from Sunday...

Hanging out on my boppy pillow for some "tummy time." Even though it's SO important to have tummy time to work the muscles in my neck & back, like most babies out there my age, I do NOT like it! (so Mommy had to snap a picture right away before I started getting upset!) Okay, we promise more fresh pictures soon! (oh, and last night I slept for 9 hours straight! Aren't you so proud of me?)
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  1. E absolutely hated tummy time, too. Hang in there and stick with it - it'll get better!