Monday, April 21, 2008

conclusion on the cat...

Well, today Mommy & Daddy made a conclusion about what to do with our cat, Jackie, when they move. After much debate, they decided it will be best for Jackie to stay in Lubbock and live with our student, Meredith, who lives in our backhouse. (who, by the way, has been praying that I would be allergic to Jackie so that Jackie could live with her!) Jackie has really taken to Meredith since I came along, too. (she's not getting QUITE the affection that she used to!)

So today Mommy & Daddy put a pretty red bow around Jackie's neck...

And put this note on top of her carrier. Then, they put Jackie inside the backhouse, so when Meredith came home, she cried for joy! She is SOOO excited, and we know that she will take the greatest care of Jackie.

And that way, Mommy & Daddy can put their focus where it needs to be... on ME!
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  1. Hard decision! But I'm so glad I'll still get to hang out with my favorite cat. Congrats Mere! haha

  2. I remember sitting on your back porch watching your cats play, now you will be sitting on your back porch watching Caroline play!

  3. its cathy by the way, for some reason it posts me as anonymous