Sunday, April 20, 2008

seeing my birthmommy Megan again!

Last night, I saw my birthmommy Megan again and I had my smiles ready to go for her! It was the first time we had seen each other since the hospital when I was only 2 days old! I could tell she was SO happy to see me again!

Megan, her mom, Tricia, and her son, Brayden drove all the way over to Pop & Mamie's house to see us! They were so excited to hold me and look at how I've grown & changed.

Even sweet Brayden gave me kisses.

I (Amy) loved seeing everybody again! It was a great reunion seeing the people that we spent the 2 most wonderful days of our life with, and not to mention, the one that gave life to my precious Caroline. It's just amazing how grateful I am to them and for them, and it's not only important for Megan to see Caroline, but it's important for Caroline to see Megan. It would be unfair to deny my daughter the knowledge of and love from her birth family. And because of this amazing experience we've all had together, they've become part of our family, too.

We do ask for your continued prayers, though. I'm sure last night was emotional for Megan, and she's bound to have some tough feelings as she comes to Lubbock next weekend for Caroline's baptism before we move to Virginia the next week. Please pray that God would continue to guide her & give her peace. Pray that we would always be sensitive to her feelings. Pray that all of us would come together and always do what is best for Caroline.

It really is beautiful how God, in His special timing, has woven all of our lives together through loving this sweet baby girl.
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