Thursday, April 24, 2008


Ahhh... hi, everybody! Today I'll tell you about some new, exciting things I'm learning this week! My awake times are getting more active and fun! I'm starting to really take in the world around me and I just LOVE looking at people's faces, watching their expressions, and making my own back at them.

Look how I can hold my head up all by myself sometimes when I'm being burped! Let's hear the ooh's & aah's-- this is major stuff, you guys!

My latest development is that now I have figured out I have LEGS!!! I just LOVE to kick, kick, kick! I sit all by myself in my bouncy seat or on the floor and kick away! Sometimes I move my legs separately really fast, and sometimes I pull them in and kick together! I also like to straighten my legs so it looks like I'm standing up on Mommy's lap! Mommy & Daddy are amazed at how all of a sudden I seemed to go from a sweet, sleepy infant to a baby-on-the-GO! Watch out, world-- here I come!

More changes... today we had to say our goodbyes to Mommy & Daddy's old neighbors, Loyd & Ruth, who have been like family during their 7 years here in Lubbock. They love me so much already. We all cried a little bit (well, I cried because I was getting hungry, of course) and it was very sad to leave. Mommy & Daddy are busy packing with only 1 week left before we move to Virginia, so pray that they'll get everything ready in time PLUS have some time to reflect & say their goodbyes to so many people they love here. Talk to you tomorrow!
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