Sunday, April 27, 2008

baptism, part 1

April 27, 2008- I was baptized this morning on our last Sunday in Lubbock, and it was such a special morning. I wore a beautiful dress & bonnet that my Granny & Papa gave me, with little booties that my Mommy wore when she was a baby girl.

Mommy and Daddy went up before the entire church, which was packed out today! One of our church members said they left at 3am from New Mexico this morning just so that they could be here for my baptism! Lots of the RUF students came and celebrated with us, too! It was so neat to be surrounded by our sweet church family. We will miss them SO much.

We were so excited that the founding pastor of our church, Rob Bailey, was in town to participate. He said a few things to the congregation about infant baptism, then gave Mommy & Daddy a charge to always teach me the Gospel (even when I get older & parenting me gets harder), so that one day I will place my faith & trust in Christ. Perhaps the nicest thing Rob said was to my birthmommy, Megan- "As a father to 3 adopted children, Megan, I want you to know what a hero you are and we thank you for being here."

Then our pastor, Jim, asked Mommy & Daddy the questions & they took vows that said they acknowlege themselves to be sinners in need of God's grace and then they promised to raise me in a Christian home.

Then Daddy took me in his arms and said, "Caroline Elizabeth Corbett, I now baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." He poured the water on my head 3 times, and since the water was cold, I had to cry a little bit. It was still a precious moment that Mommy & Daddy had been waiting on & dreaming about for years....

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