Sunday, April 6, 2008

welcome home, daddy!

Daddy, I'm SO glad you're home! I missed you so much! Mommy & I had a great time together, and we know each other much better now...

But now we're together as a family again! Mommy & I were inside the airport just waiting on you to come through those doors! And you were so excited to see us! You hugged us both and held me close, watching every little expression change in my face and beaming with love! You also immediately noticed things that had changed about me this week: I'm even more alert and expressive in my face, and I can hold my head up really well when I'm being burped!

And I wore a new outfit just for you! (thank you, Mikal!)

I loved how you came home with me and this afternoon, you started reading a Sinclair Ferguson book to me in a Scottish accent. :) Even though the words were all WAY too big for me to understand, I loved snuggling close and just hearing your voice again.
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  1. AWWW too cute!! She is such a daddy's girl!! Glad you made it home safe Marc!! And glad you survived Amy lol jk. I knew you could do it!!!

  2. First test passed with flying colors Amy-- way to go! Marc, while you're at it why don't you read her some catechism stuff too? haha